Quality Policy

We aim to provide our customers with superior quality products and services through our channels of safety, consistency, performance, and value. At Geekens, we truly commit to our corporate values and believe in their importance towards our continued growth and success. 

  • We always fulfill our “Pre-set comprehensive Quality Standards” in terms of manufacturing, design, and distribution of our products as well as attain exceeding all government requirements and customer expectations.
  • We sustain the highest quality standards as we efficiently design and manufacture our products and ensure that our products are avaialable to our customers at affordable prices. 
  • Our commitment to quality is a necessity to what we do.  The roots of our Quality Management System is based on the following five principles:
  • High focus on Operational tasks.
  • Doing it first at the right time. 
  • Assesment of risks and threats.
  • Prioritizing the resources per the needs. 
  • Accessible and shared Knowledge management. 
  • Highly determined and accountable team members.